Your Future, Better Planned


How would your life change if you knew you had the finances available to support you for the rest of your life? Would it change your outlook on life and work. Would you change how you live?

Whether you want to stop work or not, knowing that you have financial freedom can bring a new perspective and enable you to live the life you choose.

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Have the confidence to live life to the full, knowing that your plans for life work together with your finances.


Your wealth and assets are rarely just about you. Your future and your family’s future all work together, so why wouldn’t your finances.


Investments are an integral part of your financial life plan. We interact the two. Our science based approach to investing works to meet your life goals.

Services We Offer

We are an award winning financial planning company based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire that specialises in helping our clients achieve their lifestyle ambitions.

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Read more about our investment philosophy and how it can work for you.

Family Protection

What happens to your loved ones if something happens to you? Wherever you are in life, inevitably there is a financial impact.


Pensions are becoming ever more complicated. Let us simplify the jargon for you.

Tax Rate

Whether its Inheritance Tax, Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, there are legitimate and widely available allowances and reliefs that many people do not take advantage of. We can help.

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Retirement isn’t just about a pension. Retirement isn’t even the same to everyone. Retirement is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. Let us help you prepare.

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You’ve worked hard and built up security for yourself. When it’s time to start to transfer your wealth to the next generation, we can advise how best to do this, whilst enabling you to retain your own security.


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A Little Bit About Us


We work together with you to discover your dreams for the future, how realistic they are and what planning needs to be done to help you achieve them.  By constructing a lifetime cashflow chart we can not only demonstrate how your future could look, but importantly, the impact that can be made by the decisions that you make now.

You may wish to retire at a certain age, give your children a private education or create financial independence to facilitate a career change. Whatever life stage you are in it is never too early – or too late to start planning.

We are not an ‘advice service’ that offers support on one specific area, but rather we look to create long-term relationships with our clients, and as a partnership we work together to plan your financial future.

Typically, we are working with those who have built up, or are in the process of building a sizeable asset base of around £500,000.  This is a level which many feel is too significant to either manage themselves, or need a more sophisticated level of holistic planning, advice and service that an average advisor may not provide.

If you would like any further information or would like to make an appointment, please follow the contact us link, or call 01733 345525.