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You’ve worked hard and built up security for yourself. When it’s time to start to transfer your wealth to the next generation, we can advise how best to do this, whilst enabling you to retain your own security.

What is Family Wealth Management?

Family wealth Management is simply working with you as a family and not ‘you’ as the client in isolation. There are many benefits to you in working in this way, from ensuring that younger generations are equipped financially for the future, to minimising the costs of investing for the whole family and then on to the efficient transfer of your wealth to the next generation.

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How does the process begin?

We can assist you with your multifaceted estate plan, family investments and even with your grandchild’s first investment. At Aurea we have an elite team of professionals and caring Financial Advisors that collaborate with every individual to devise a concise plan to understand your goals and ambitions. Then we will help to develop the right family wealth management plan and after that the best financial investments necessary in achieving your goals.

What do we cover?

Our Family Wealth Management programme service will involve some of the planning services which are shown below.

Inheritance Tax

We will look into minimising the amount of tax paid when a loved one passes away.

Trust Planning

The explanation, identifying and the recommendation of the correct trusts towards preserving your assets within your family with an appropriate approach.

Estate Planning

We will help you with the process of making sure that your estate and assets are distributed between the correct people. This is often a process that will start early into your retirement, when you have settled into a routine and comfortable with your own lifestyle, we can then look at what assets you need to retain for yourself and what assets can and should be passed on to your children and even grandchildren.


Family Wealth Management

You have worked hard to become successful and built a substantial asset base, it is sensible to educate your children in how to be astute with money, but at the same time not handing over too much responsibility too soon. By working with you as a family we can help you to manage this process.

In summary, the process of organising your Family Wealth Management is a very complex area of planning, but also a very rewarding one. Looking after a family, with the same level of care as we would our own, is at the heart of the values of a small company.

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Why Choose Aurea

We are an award winning financial planning company based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire that specialises in helping our clients achieve their lifestyle ambitions.

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As you would expect, the team at Aurea surpasses expectations in competence.  You’ll be working with Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Wealth Managers.

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Whilst you are not tied into a contract with us, our wish is to work with you throughout the different stages of your life, from the early stages of your family, through your work successes, to retirement and beyond.

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We are deliberately a small company working with a select number of clients and their families.  This means we get to know you and work with you as a member of the Aurea family.


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