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Family life insurance is a type of insurance that will help you protect your family’s future in the worst-case scenario of death. This is defined as a level term type of insurance, meaning that payment is received by your dependants within a fixed term, set by the policy chosen.


What is Family Life Insurance?

We all want to make sure that our family is safe and secure, no matter what happens to us. Insurance can help us to provide for our loved ones in catastrophic situations, whether this is untimely death, or a serious illness.

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Do I need Family Life Insurance?

When you have dependants relying on you financially, it’s paramount that they have security. Having Family Life Insurance gives you that piece of mind. The lump sum payment you receive can cover an outstanding mortgage, as well as funds to enable your family to continue in their life without drastic changes to their standard of living.
There is a plethora of different life insurances that can be offered to you; such as mitigating your inheritance tax, protecting a mortgage and others that are set to protect your dependants.

Life Cover

Life cover is a fairly simple form of insurance that generally will pay out a lump sum in the event of the life assureds’ death.


Financial Planning for catastrophes

Whilst no one wants to imagine a catastrophic situation, we will always include in our planning for our clients ‘what if’ scenarios to show what may happen in one of these sad and unexpected situations. By this we can look at what cover may be needed and help you to make an informed decision on what cover is required within these circumstances.



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Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover can be either added to Life Cover or taken out as a separate policy. These policies will also pay out a lump sum, but only on diagnosis of one of the specified Critical Illnesses. Typically this would include Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis as well as other serious diseases. The effects of a serious illness can be catastrophic, often with worse financial implications than death, due to time to rehabilitate and the level of care that may be required, whether temporary or not.

Income Protection

Income protection as the name suggests, is protection to replace your income in the event that you are unable to work for a prolonged period of time. This is important for anyone who’s income is relied upon support for both their family and themselves.

Whole of Life Insurance

This can sometimes be linked to mitigating your inheritance tax. This policy will cover the tax bill on death, and this will run its course in death, instead of after on a fixed time.

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