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Tax planning is a breakdown of a financial plan or situation from a tax perspective. Tax efficiency is paramount when dealing with your tax planning.

What Is Tax Planning?

Tax planning from a Financial Planner will differ from that from an accountant as we tend to view things from different perspectives and will also be looking at different areas. Ideally, we will work with your accountant to give you the best possible advice.


In a nutshell, tax planning is about legally minimising the tax that you pay, whether this is regular ongoing tax or tax that has arisen from a particular event.


It is important to make the distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Tax evasion is unlawful and unethical. Tax avoidance is however using legal tax efficient schemes and can be as simple as utilising ISA allowances.

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Why Is Tax Planning Essential?

The tax rules and regulations are always subject to change, so to have a regular review is essential when keeping you and your family’s tax affairs in order. There are many tax allowances available for individuals to use. These allowances are not ‘clever’ or sophisticated schemes exploiting the rules or finding loopholes, but general allowances for everyday use, are but often overlooked.

Meeting Your Needs

Within our Financial plans we will always work around your wishes and be as efficient as we can, utilising allowances as a standard practice. We can help you plan events in advance that are likely to cause a tax liability, sometimes it is as simple as timing the event when it makes most sense in conjunction with the rest of your tax liabilities.


There are investments that qualify for government relief as an incentive for investors to help smaller British companies. There is a higher level of risk involved for the investor, so not suitable for all, but for those with the risk tolerance and a certain level of wealth, the benefits can be substantial for both tax efficiency and capital growth.

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How we can help?

Inheritance Tax

We aim to implement and develop a strategy based on your finances and goals with your tax planning. This may involve lifetime gifts, Trusts or even a spending plan!


Looking at what the possible Inheritance Tax may be on your estate needs to be a point in the future, not today. The Value of your estate is unlikely to stay static, it will either decrease in value throughout retirement with the resulting value giving rise to a relatively modest or no Inheritance Tax liability.


Alternatively the value of your estate may continue to increase, even through retirement, in which case the resulting Inheritance Tax liability will also increase. In either situation Financial Planning with lifetime cashflow planning will help to look at what planning needs to be done. Uniquely, reducing Inheritance Tax needs to be planned many years in advance.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is always a good tax! CGT is only ever paid on an asset growing in value, and growth is most definitely what we are looking to achieve. That said, allowances are generous and underused so with careful planning, ongoing liabilities can be kept to the minimum.


Giving you the best advice on a range of tax reliefs such as exemptions, gifts and timing of a disposal and entrepreneur’s relief.

Income Tax

Most income tax has to be paid as the majority of us are employed and pay tax through PAYE, and of course it should be paid as it is what keeps our country running. We do not agree with paying little to no income tax through unethical practices. However, we will of course help to avoid unnecessary tax, certainly that which arises through your investment portfolios.


We can provide the best advice on your investments and help to structure them efficiently.


Reviewing your personal financial affairs’ and identifying those that may have an impact on your income, capital gains tax and more.

Why Choose Aurea

We are an award winning financial planning company based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire that specialises in helping our clients achieve their lifestyle ambitions.

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As you would expect, the team at Aurea surpasses expectations in competence.  You’ll be working with Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Wealth Managers.

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Whilst you are not tied into a contract with us, our wish is to work with you throughout the different stages of your life, from the early stages of your family, through your work successes, to retirement and beyond.

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We are deliberately a small company working with a select number of clients and their families.  This means we get to know you and work with you as a member of the Aurea family.


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