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We are a well-respected name in the world of Financial Planning.  As well as being multiple award winners, they are involved in progressing the progression of Financial Planning throughout the country by their involvement with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments and their Financial Planning forum. We have one of the highest qualified teams in the country, your planning and advice will be with a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager.


We take our Financial Planning responsibilities seriously.  As well as aiming to provide you with a financial plan of the type you will not have experienced in the past, we also devote time and effort in helping others.  Our Managing Director Rebecca Taylor is a Board Director and Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, a well as being involved in their Financial Planning Forum and Membership Committee.  She is a previous board Director and President of the Institute of Financial Planning through which time she was the UK representative on the international council of the Financial Planning Standards Board.

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We are based in Peterborough city centre and our office is easy to reach both from the main A1 motorway or just a 5 minute walk from the main line train station.  We can also meet at your offices or at a central London meeting venue.


Initially we will set up a meeting with you to find out a little bit more about you.  This doesn’t mean that we want a list of your assets straight away but does mean that we want to understand what makes you ‘tick’.  Finding out what would make our relationship a success, finding out about you and what we can do that will really help you live how you want to live.  We can’t perform miracles, but we can certainly make life easier and without question can provide peace of mind in major decisions.

We will help you to review your existing financial situation and reach a realistic assessment of your likely needs. For this, you’ll need to set aside some time to talk to us. There’s no charge, and no obligation, while we find out together how we can best help you, and whether our services are right for you.  The Financial Planning and Review process is comprehensive and you should be prepared to invest time and effort, as well as money into the process.  You should be prepared to answer some thought provoking questions to really establish where you want to be later in life.


After the initial meeting we will establish whether you want to work with us, and whether we feel that our service is compatible with your needs.  We will then arrange some ‘fact finding’ which involves going through a questionnaire to ascertain your personal financial details and finding out what you already have in place.

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These details will be combined with where you would like to get to and used to construct a Cashflow forecast for you.  The Cashflow will form the basis of your Financial Plan.  You will have the chance to go through the cashflow and we will put together some ‘What if’ Scenarios for you.  These can be great fun, especially if you let your imagination go a little wild!  Your written Financial Plan will show the main scenarios as well as those that you have chosen to target and set out any recommendations that we feel you need.  Further meetings will then be set up to discuss your plan and then to action any of the points raised.


Financial Planning is a dynamic process, your life will always be changing, evolving and moving forwards and your Financial Plan needs to evolve and adapt with you.  Our review service means that you can be sure that your plan remains up to date and you are on track to meeting your objectives.  You will find that there are some years where very little changes, whereas other years life just isn’t quite as expected.  Either way, we take care of everything for you, making small changes along the way so that you can have peace of mind that whatever keeps you awake at night, it wont be financial concerns.

In almost all cases, we provide a plan that would be impossible for a client to compile themselves. Our proposal will be fully explained and costed out so that you’ll know all the details before you agree to anything.  The lifetime cashflow forecast is invaluable to most people as those who feel that they are making sufficient provision can be shocked at how little difference their existing provision will make. Of course it can work the other way around and you do not need to alter anything, if anything you can live end enjoy life that little bit more.  Either way, you will know where you are and where you are going.


We will, of course, work in whatever way suits you best.  We are very conscious that time – yours and ours – is both scarce and valuable, so we will try to work as efficiently as possible at all times, while always maintaining the quality of our service to you.

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Our advisors

We are a passionate, approachable team that work as a long-term partnership with our clients to help them achieve their lifestyle ambitions.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Managing Director,
Certified Financial Planner
& Compliance Officer


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Veena Patel

Senior Paraplanner


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Sukhi Dhamrait

Trainee Paraplanner


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Joely Sells

Customer Relationship Manager


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Helen Woolgar-Bowles



Our fees

Your first financial planning meeting with us is at our cost and without obligation. This meeting is relaxed and informal.  We will talk about your finances as they are in general terms, but also about your lifestyle, what plans you have for the future and your objectives.  Then we will move on to what you would like to achieve by us working together.  This could mean that you would like to achieve financial independence without the need to work, or it could have a variety of answers, for example, can you retire, but you would also like to help your children out with house deposits, and maybe move house as well.  Some of our clients are simply looking for peace of mind that they are comfortable, others maybe thinking of dramatic changes to their whole lives.  This meeting will establish whether we can work together and you can receive value for money.

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Our three tiered pricing structure

The Strategy Fee:
This fee covers the cost of the initial financial plan. This will be agreed with you prior to starting any work before the fact finding meeting. The fee is a one off fee that you will be invoiced for directly and the amount will depend on how complex your situation is. A huge amount of value is provided to our clients at this point, many people have never even seen a total of their own monetary value!


The Implementation Fee:
This fee covers the cost of setting up any recommendations made within the plan. You can choose how this fee is paid, whether it is invoiced directly to you or facilitated through a product provider. Either method results in us receiving the same level of fee. Some of our clients prefer a combined strategy and implementation fee which we’re happy to offer so you know up front what the total cost of our planning, advice and investment set up will be.


The Review Fee:
This fee covers the cost of ongoing servicing and portfolio management. As a minimum you will receive an annual update meeting where we will update your financial plan along with any changes to your circumstances or objectives. You will also receive a half yearly portfolio review. As with the initial fee, we split this into two sections, one covers the cost of the planning and the other for advice relating to any investments. This can be quoted as a combined or separated fees, depending on your preference.

Currently our fees are not liable for VAT as advice relating to financial products is not subject to VAT. However this may change in the future and some or your entire fee may be liable to VAT. No charges for fees will be made without prior notification in writing.