Low-Risk ways to start investing your money

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Low-Risk ways to start investing your money

Investing isn’t just putting money into a bank account and leaving it untouched to make money from interest. An investment can be viewed as a gamble, as instead of having the security of guaranteed returns you are taking a risk with your money.


The most popular way to invest savings is bank deposits. Unfortunately, sometimes the interest rates offered by banks are not much higher than the inflation rate, therefore, this type of investment does not bring significant profits, which is undoubtedly one of its disadvantages. Nevertheless, this way of saving is very safe, hence its great popularity.


You can invest in almost anything from the popular:

  •          Shares
  •          BondsWine and Coina
  •          Funds
  •          UK property market

To the more exotic:

  •          Farmland
  •          Vintage cars
  •          Wine
  •          Art – paintings or sculptures


For most investing means putting money in the stock market, putting money into these markets are exactly what it explains itself to be, you buy stocks in one or more corporations with the aim of making an income. Even though there are many ways to do it such as funds, the principle of investing remains the same, you are taking a “gamble” with your cash as there’s no promise you’ll get it all back in the worst circumstance you possibly will lose it all.

Investment funds

The funds have been present in our market for years, are growing in popularity, which they owe to greater freedom to manage the financial contribution. In a nutshell, the point is that a person offering their savings can choose between different possibilities of multiplying their money. If you do not want to risk too much, you can put funds in quite safe undertakings that will be able to offer a small profit.

For those who are not afraid of risk, investment funds, acting through their financial advisors, offer other options. In this case, the rate of return, calculated per year, is greater. When deciding on this type of investment, you must remember that if you fail, you may lose your savings.


Stock Exchange

This is another option for investing. The exchange rates of enterprises present on the exchange index may be subject to huge fluctuations, which on the one hand allow even more significant profits, and on the other, they are characterised by a considerable risk, which may even lead to a loss of the entire invested funds. What is the stock market? To keep it simple a stock market is a place where purchasers and sellers meet to sell shares. Each one would be a small part of a business listed on an exchange. But why do shares even occur in the first place? They are the main thing that helps businesses grow and boost incomes. To turn a corporation into a financial success organisations offer investors the option to back them with their personal money.


Investment in real estate

Such a solution seems to be both safe in terms of potential profits and minimisation of possible losses. Owning property for rent may mean a long wait for a return of investment, and also be a cause for many worries, for example, caused by unexpected renovations or a drop in price on the rental market for residential premises.

Real estate investment






Non-standard investments

For years, people have been investing in art, which is characterised by a high degree of certainty of return in the situation of getting the work of a well-known artist. However, if you do not really have a lot of money, you can try your hand at buying cheap paintings of completely unknown artists who have a chance to gain fame, which in turn will translate into higher prices for their work a few years down the line.


If you do not know the art, you can also collect other items. The collections of brand wines or other spirits are becoming increasingly popular. Their value increases every year, so it can be good security for a return in money.

Regardless of what type of investment you decide, you must remember that no forms of multiplying money are completely risk-free, so you must be prepared in the best possible way.


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